Creating a daily to-do list A lot of students use a to-do list to organize their work. Many of these lists, however, do not increase productivity or decrease procrastination. There are three very
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[Music] hi Ron welcome back to my channel so today my Chitti is just playing like crazy but yay yes playing like crazy he is just running around so excited if you guys saw Edith and you would say that my mom got totally obsessed with him and my mom actually got two new kitten which is crazy because my mom hasn't had hidden since I was like 13 so it's crazy but yeah I have photos of them on Twitter if you guys want to go and see my mom's new kittens but he has so much energy right now so he is going to be definitely making a lot of noise in this video so just like give you guys a heads up on the fact that he is playing with the toy and possibly the tripod legs as well but let's get into the days of videos so today I thought I would share with you how to kind of well how I like to plan my day and how I do my to-do list I have mentioned many many times before that I'm a to do this person and I feel like I can get all of my thoughts out and make sure that I'm working towards them if I have them written down in to do is form and then I also feel really motivated and also accomplished when I start to take things off that to do with so that is why my life revolves around to-do list and in today's video I just thought I would share with you what I'm currently using to you know organize and store my to-do list in because I have changed it up many times in the last year from different desk pads and just notepad to whiteboards I went through a phase of writing or my to do with some whiteboards but I actually have a diary right now and it's kind of like kind of like bullet gentleman's I don't actually have a gridded page it's just a lined page it's just a notebook that came with the notebook cover like I got it mostly for the notebook cover but it's just line pages and it's just kind of how I do my day so I don't really follow any particular planning rules I don't follow rules of us anyway so everything I just do is kind of what works for me and I just wanted to share some inspiration for anyone out there that is looking at maybe different ways of organizing their days and planning things and welcome towards that goal so this video is going to be really really short and I do apologize but I'm sorry basic when it comes to my planning and I'm so basic to my life every day to do this but I wanted to share it with you anyway so if you do enjoy the video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to news they' don't miss any videos and let's go ahead and get into my daily planning to do this organization achieving goals video so I'm going to start with all the things that I like to use for my daily planning everything goes on inside my kekeke a like notebook it is actually a notebook cover with a replaceable notebook that's just lined pages so what I was planning on doing is getting an actual bullet journal with like the dotted grid but I didn't want to waste this notebook so I have been using it and what I've been doing is actually glue sticking every second page...